Tom, Sabrina and Keefer were married on February 19th, 2006 at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts located at 2640 College Avenue in Berkeley, California.


You can see the program of the day's events here.  Some people have asked us to post our wedding vows.  Click here to read them.


Many generous donations honoring our marriage were made to the fund we set up at the JMCA, "The Tom and Sabrina Fund".  Unfortunately, the board and management of the JMCA has changed direction and has been unable to use these gifts to meet the goals we established when we set up the fund.  So, we are transferring the fund to another cherished theater non-profit organization in Berkeley, the Shotgun Players, where Sabrina has enjoyed acting, directing and volunteering over the past 9 years.  Once these gifts to the fund are redirected to Shotgun, they will become the first 100% solar powered theater company in the country!  A sculpture commemorating all donors (including the generous donors to the Tom and Sabrina Fund) will be erected in the lobby of the Ashby Stage.

As we live together as a family we see ourselves continually unfolding in our openness and understanding of each other.  Like a fractal, our relationships reveal new patterns and beauty as they deepen.  The cover of our invitation is one view of a Mandelbrot set, a mathematical metaphor for the way we envision our lives unfolding over time.  We'd like to thank our friend Gabriella Piccioni for designing the beautiful invitation for us.